Motivation for Fitness

Today we are presenting 5 really interesting articles that examine motivation for fitness.  We will look at reasons for being fit, negativity that can reduce motivation, how to enhance and recharge your motivation and finally consider why fitness motivation is so important.

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5 Motivational Reasons For Being Fit

I’m sure you’re already well aware of the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle and know that you should exercise to live a healthy life. So, why do you always end up failing every time you resolve to get up and workout? Well, change is hard and starting out on a new fitness routine is tough. Due to these reasons, many people give up on exercising before they even reach the goals they set out to achieve. However, once you find the right source of motivation, getting fit and sticking to your fitness plans becomes a whole lot easier. In this post we’ll be discussing how you can find that motivation by listing five highly motivational reasons for being fit that will inspire you to keep exercising.

Reason 1 – You’ll Feel Happier

It’s human nature to want to feel happy all the time. Therefore, if the other benefits of being fit don’t appeal to you, then perhaps the fact that exercising elevates your mood will give you the motivation you need to hit the gym. Numerous studies have proved that if you enter the gym feeling anxious, stressed, down or unhappy, you’ll leave there feeling happier and more relaxed. This is because as you exercise, your brain releases an increased amount of endorphins and dopamine. Both of these compounds instantly improve your mood during your workouts and keep your mood elevated for many hours after they’re completed. Therefore, if you exercise regularly, you’ll feel significantly happier, calmer and more peaceful.

Reason 2 – You’ll Look Younger

Do you want to want improve your physique and look significantly younger without spending too much money? Well, exercise is the way to go. When you exercise on a regular basis, your body loses fat and gains muscles, giving you a great physique. Exercise also rejuvenates your cells, muscles, skin and even hair. This in turn results in healthier skin, beautiful hair and reduced wrinkles, all of which contribute to you looking younger.

Reason 3 – You’ll Have More Energy

The best way to beat fatigue and low energy levels is to exercise more. Studies show that even the simplest physical act like walking a few extra steps can increase your energy levels. For this reason, people who exercise a lot usually have high energy levels. Therefore, the next time you feel tired, go for a jog or hit the gym instead of sleeping, grabbing an energy drink or drinking several mugs of coffee. You’ll find that your overall energy levels rapidly improve when you do this and you’ll feel fatigued less often.

Reason 4 – You’ll Boost Your Immunity

Numerous studies have shown that exercise strengthens your immune system. By working out regularly, your immune system becomes more efficient at producing white blood cells and your circulatory system becomes more effective at distributing these white blood cells throughout your body. As a result, your body becomes much more proficient at protecting against disease and fighting illness.

Reason 5 – You’ll Be Able To Do More Physically

One of the best motivational reasons you can find to exercise more is that it enables you to do more physically. Once you start working out regularly, you’ll be able to walk further without getting tired, lift heavy items without breaking a sweat and run faster than you ever have done before. So if you want your body to do more than it currently can physically, exercise is the perfect tool.


As you can see, the many positive results you can get from exercising are a fantastic source of motivation, regardless of where you currently are on your fitness journey. So focus on the one that fires up your fitness motivation the most and then use this to inspire you every time you workout.

fitness motivation

5 Negative Habits That Can Reduce Your Fitness Motivation

Motivation is a critical component when it comes to achieving any fitness goal. It helps you get off the couch and hit the gym, go for that run and continue exercising on a consistent basis. For these reasons, it’s essential that you maintain your motivation level throughout your fitness journey. In order to keep the fire burning, you’ll need to be aware of some of the things that can make you lose your fitness motivation. Below we’ll be outlining five negative habits that can reduce your fitness motivation.

Habit 1 – Training Too Much

Regular exercise is an essential part of achieving any fitness goal. However, as with many things in life, balance is key. When you’re exercising consistently but also giving your body the time it needs to refresh and rejuvenate, you’ll feel full of energy and be motivated to workout. However, when you overdo it, you’ll start to constantly feel sore, fatigued and exhausted. You’ll also find it very difficult to stay motivated.

To avoid overtraining and the dip in motivation that it causes, make sure you workout a maximum of five times per week. Also, make sure that you’re getting at least six hours of high quality sleep per night.

Habit 2 – Negative Self-Talk

In order to stay highly motivated and stick to your workout plan, you must avoid negative self-talk. So what if you missed a workout session, injured yourself while exercising or did not achieve your weekly fitness goal? It’s not the end of the world and beating yourself up about it with negative talk will only serve to diminish your motivation level and affect your performance during future workouts. Your mental state and physical performance correlate so if you want to succeed in your fitness endeavor, learn to be more forgiving of yourself. Focus on all the positives you have achieved while working towards your fitness goals and don’t let the negatives take up too much mental space.

Habit 3 – Not Getting Enough Sleep

With our modern lives getting busier and busier, sleep is something we often neglect. However, as mentioned above, it’s imperative that you get a minimum of six hours of good quality sleep every single night so that your body and mind can rest and recover. Getting less sleep than this will decrease your energy levels and this makes it hard for you to stay motivated and focused on your workouts.

Habit 4 – Sticking To The Same Workout Routine

Engaging in the same workout routine day-in and day-out can create a monotony that will quickly bring down your motivation levels. Therefore, if you’re guilty of this, you need to make your fitness journey more exciting by varying your routines and including lots of different activities that you enjoy. For instance, to vary your cardio routine, you can alternate between hitting the treadmill, cycling outside, hiking, swimming and more. To mix up your strength training workouts, you can incorporate lots of different exercise styles into your routine such as bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises and kettlebell exercises. When each workout session is fun and there are always new exercises to try, you’ll be able to keep your motivation levels high and even find yourself looking forward to workouts.

Habit 5 – Eating Poor Quality Foods

Your diet has a direct impact on your fitness motivation levels. Food is a powerful tool that influences your mood, concentration and energy levels. Nutritious foods will leave you feeling full of energy and motivated to exercise while unhealthy processed foods will have the opposite effect and sap away at your fitness motivation. So make sure your diet mainly consists of healthy, natural foods and keep your intake of processed foods to 20% of your total weekly calories.


If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated, you may be inadvertently engaging in one or more of these negative habits. So re-read the list and eliminate these five habits from your lifestyle to give your fitness motivation an instant boost.

5 Tips For Enhancing Your Fitness Motivation

Motivation is a virtue that pushes us to act towards our desired fitness goals. Regardless of the stage you’re at in your fitness journey, motivation is one of the main things that you’ll need to be successful. It’s this willingness to change our lifestyles that gets things started, keeps us going and pushes us to make new fitness goals when we’ve achieved our existing ones. Through motivation, we can prevent ourselves from quitting during those times when we find it hard to maintain our exercise routines or hit fitness plateaus. So, to ensure that you keep your motivation intact, here are five tips for enhancing your fitness motivation.

Tip 1 – Find A Fitness Partner

Finding a fitness partner to workout with is one of the most effective ways of keeping yourself motivated. The two of you can form a friendly competition that will cause you to push each other harder. Your fitness partner will also make workouts more enjoyable because exercising with someone else is far more exciting than going through your workout sessions all alone. Aside from these two benefits, an exercise buddy is someone who will give you support when your motivation starts to slip, keep you committed when you feel like quitting, encourage you to finish all your workouts and give you useful advice on improving your form and technique.

Tip 2 – Focus On Fun

The duller your workout sessions are, the harder it is to stay motivated. When you focus on fun and choose physical activities you enjoy, motivation comes naturally. You’ll find that you look forward to trying new exercises, embrace every new workout and feel excited about getting fit.

Tip 3 – Listen To Motivational Music

Music is a powerful fitness motivation booster that will help you get through the most challenging workouts. When you listen to motivational music as you exercise, the message of the song or even the emotion of the singer can elevate your mood and increase your level of physical performance. Music can also distract your mind when it starts to think about quitting which has a positive impact on your endurance and allows you to work harder for longer.

Tip 4 – Read Inspirational Fitness Quotes

Inspirational quotes can help you succeed in any aspect of your life including your fitness. Therefore, collect as many inspiration fitness quotes as you can and place them in areas where you can read them daily. When you read these quotes each day, the words will penetrate into your thoughts and affect your workouts positively. The quotes will give you an instant motivation boost and help you take action to achieve what you want. The motivational push given by inspirational fitness quotes is the perfect cure for procrastinators who keep putting off exercise and individuals who are feeling down because their fitness journey is not going as planned.

Tip 5 – Use Fitness Rewards

Fitness rewards are an excellent way to enhance your motivation. These rewards can be anything you want, provided that they don’t have a negative impact on your fitness goals. Some examples of good fitness rewards include treating yourself to a movie, buying yourself a new outfit or going on vacation. Rewarding yourself acts as a form of extrinsic motivation which pushes you to work even harder during your next workout session.


As you can see, there are so many ways to fire up your fitness motivation. So if you ever struggle to keep your motivation levels high, implement one or more of these tips to boost them right back up.

How To Recharge Your Fitness Motivation

You started your workout plan on a high-note, but for some reason, you now lack the energy and drive to continue. Well, at least you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Many people including die-hard fitness enthusiasts find themselves in a rut every once in a while. The good news though, is that you can gain your motivation and get back on the right path to attaining whatever level of fitness you desire. To help you with this endeavor, here are five effective tips that explain how to recharge your fitness motivation.

Tip 1 – Take A Break From Working Out

Everywhere you turn, you’ll find Internet sites, televisions shows and fitness books trying to push people to exercise and lead an active lifestyle. While motivating people to get fit is great, people seem to have forgotten that sometimes taking a break from exercising may also be a good idea. If you no longer feel like exercising and constantly find yourself feeling tired, unmotivated and grumpy whenever you hit the gym, you need to take a break. The break will give your body a chance to relax and refresh. Consequently, you’ll also gain a new burst of energy that will help you recharge your fitness motivation and move forward with your fitness regimen.

Tip 2 – Focus On The Aspects Of Fitness That You Love

Sometimes all it takes to get back your motivation to workout is focusing on all the aspects of fitness that you love. Therefore, when you’re on your break, take the time to think about everything you love about being fit. Is it the fact that you not only look but also feel better than you did when you started working out? Or perhaps you love that being fit gives you a boost in energy? Whatever your reasons for wanting to be fit, focusing on them will prepare you mentally to get back to exercising.

Tip 3 – Start Back Slowly

All fitness experts advise first-time exercisers to start slowly and increase the intensity of their workouts as they progress in order to avoid injury. The same applies for individuals who resume exercising after taking a workout break. Even if you’ve regained your motivation and your spirit is willing to continue from where you left off, your body is most likely not up to the task. Therefore, ease your body back into exercising by starting slowly and gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Tip 4 – Re-Assess Your Fitness Goals

When re-entering the world of fitness, you’ll need to develop a workout routine that will yield the results you want and not bring down your motivation. For this, you’ll need to re-assess your fitness goals. You can choose to use the same goals as when you started on your fitness journey if they still motivate you or alternatively make new ones that are more relevant to you now. If you decide to set new fitness goals, start with simple goals and work your way up to more challenging ones. To avoid losing your motivation again due to frustration, ensure that any new goals you set are realistic and achievable.

Tip 5 – Make Fun a Priority

One of the best ways to recharge your fitness motivation is to start enjoying what you’re doing. Therefore, make fun the main goal of every single workouts by avoiding exercises you don’t enjoy. You should instead engage in fitness activities that you love, as doing so will help you turn your fitness plan into an exciting journey that is full of fun every step of the way. This makes it much easier to maintain your long-term motivation levels when it comes to exercise and reduces the chances of you experiencing a drop in motivation in the future.


If you’re currently in a fitness motivation slump, these five tips are exactly what you need to recharge, rejuvenate and reinvigorate your passion for fitness. So put them into action today and start reaping the rewards of renewed fitness motivation.

Why Is Fitness Motivation Important?

People exercise for a wide range of reasons. They may want to recover mobility after an injury, tone up, shed extra weight, build muscle or maintain their current level of fitness. Regardless of your reasons for developing an exercise routine, you’ll require a lot of motivation to move from wanting to improve your fitness to actually taking the required action and achieving your fitness goals. But why is fitness motivation so important? In this article we’ll be answering that very question and explaining how fitness motivation can help you.

Reason 1 – It Stops You Giving Up

If your motivation levels are high, you’ll find that you constantly question your abilities and dwell on every obstacle that you experience on your fitness journey. This attitude almost always leads to people giving up on their fitness ambitions. However, when you’re motivated, you get a completely different perspective and start to dwell on all the positives and the progress you’re making. With this mindset, you’re much less likely to quit and will stay strong when working towards your fitness goals.

Reason 2 – It Improves Your Performance During Your Workouts

Your performance during your workouts is influenced heavily by how motivated you are. If you’re not motivated to workout, you won’t apply maximum effort when you exercise, you’ll get limited results from each workout and it will take you much longer to achieve your overall fitness goals. However, when your motivation levels are high, you’ll perform at your peak during each workout, get the best possible results from each one and rapidly achieve your long-term fitness goals.

Reason 3 – It Helps You Make Consistent Long-Term Fitness Improvements

Achieving and maintaining physical fitness is not a short-term process that will take you a couple of days. On the contrary, it’s a life-long commitment that needs to be honored with healthy eating and consistent exercise. When you’re unmotivated, following through on this long-term commitment is extremely difficult and you’re likely to give up. However, once you’re motivated, you’ll get the passion you need to push forward and give everything you have to achieve your fitness goals. Being motivated will also help you mentally deal with any setbacks you experience more effectively, allowing you to overcome them and continue with your fitness plans without being fazed.

Reason 4 – It Allows You To Have Fun As You Work Towards Your Fitness Goals

When you lack motivation, every workout will seem like a chore. You’ll find it almost impossible to have fun while you exercise and will start to dread each workout. However, with proper motivation, you’ll find that your experience of exercise is transformed. You’ll enjoy trying new exercises, find yourself getting excited about upcoming workouts and fall in love with the process of being fit. Not only does this make the whole process of improving your fitness much easier but it also has a positive impact on your happiness levels and mental wellbeing.


As you can see, there are so many reasons you should keep your motivation levels high when improving your fitness. So find your source of inspiration and motivation today and use it to propel yourself on your fitness journey.

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High Intensity Interval Training Videos On Purple Gator TV

We are back with some more exercise and workout videos today. A 2 part series devoted to high intensity interval training (HIIT). Over the course of the 2 episodes we show you 10 different exercises that you can use to form part of an effective workout. HIIT is often thought to be one of the most effective ways of exercising as the benefits can last long after you have finished exercise. Please always seek medical advice before starting any exercise program.


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5 Simple Tricks For Staying Positive While Losing Weight

Losing weight is the number one health and fitness goal for many people. However, it is not without its setbacks and pitfalls. When you experience an obstacle on your weight loss journey, it is very easy to fall into a negative mindset. The good news is that there are a number of steps you can undertake to ensure that you maintain a positive attitude as you go through your weight loss journey. This article will help you do exactly that and list 5 simple tricks for staying positive while losing weight.

1 – Find Exercises You Enjoy

Working out is tough, especially if you are currently physically unfit. This can make it seem like all forms of exercise are impossible to enjoy and lead to you having a negative outlook towards exercise. However, once you find some exercises that you find fun, working out will no longer feel like a chore.

To start finding exercises that you will enjoy, you first need to research the various workout programs and exercise routines that are available. Once you’ve done this research, you can then select the ones that seem most fun to you. Then give each of these exercise options a try and stick with the ones that are most enjoyable. By doing this, you will find it easy to stick to your workout routine and maintain a positive mindset while losing weight.

2 – Get Creative In The Kitchen

Food is something that many people struggle with when trying to lose weight. They think about all the delicious foods they will have to give up in order to lose weight and then start to incorrectly believe that all that’s left is tasteless, unappetizing healthy foods. However, the truth is that with a little creativity, healthy foods can be tasty and delicious.

To start finding healthy and nutritious recipes that taste great, simply do a quick search online. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to this very subject and you’ll be able to find some low calorie, nutrient packed alternatives to your favorite meals in just a few minutes.

3 – Question Your Thoughts

Your thoughts can be positive or negative, organized or out of control. When your thoughts start to become out of control and negative, you become bombarded with cruel notions that will hamper your weight loss progress.

Therefore, it is necessary to take time out to collect your thoughts and steer any negative thoughts in a positive direction. For example, if you find yourself thinking ‘this isn’t working’, question this belief and see if it is really true. It is likely that there are plenty of examples you can find where you have made positive steps on your weight loss journey.

By doing this, you not only prove that the negative belief simply isn’t true but you also have a positive and truthful belief you can replace it with. Over time, this ensures that you do not sabotage your weight loss goals with persisting negative thinking and also builds your positivity levels towards losing weight.

4 – Reward Yourself

One of the best but most underutilized ways for staying positive on your weight loss journey is by rewarding yourself. By doing this, you not only get the positive reinforcement that comes with actually losing weight but you also get a more tangible bonus which further builds your positivity.

Weight loss rewards can be anything you choose, provided that they don’t sabotage the weight loss progress you have already made. Some good examples of weight loss rewards include buying yourself a new outfit, treating yourself to a mini-vacation or enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

5 – Keep A Weight Loss Success Journal

Having a journal where you can write down your positive achievements on your weight loss journey is a great motivational tool. To start benefiting from this practice, simply write down 1 weight loss success that you’ve experienced in a journal every single day.

Over time, this journal will build into a substantial record of your weight loss successes and will provide instant motivation every time you read it. It will also provide you with the positivity boost when you experience setbacks on your weight loss journey and feel like quitting.


As you can see, staying positive as you lose weight is very possible. Practice these simple tricks consistently and watch as your attitude towards weight loss improves with each passing day.

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