From Around The Web March 16th

The brussels sprout latkes with tofu sour cream from Jessica Nadel’s Superfoods 24/7 are proof that enjoying superfood ingredients can be easy + delicious!
Menu Plan Monday features weekly vegan, gluten free dinner menu plans that make meal preparation and batch cooking organization fun!
New Sitter Wanted – Can someone help us find a new babysitter, ours is doing it wrong. Dailyhaha is your daily dose of laughs!
For years, the bodybuilding, protein-gorging community has maligned collagen for its inessentiality and lack of input into the muscle-protein synthesis process. From their perspective, it sort of makes sense. Why bother with “low quality” protein like gelatin/collagen when you can pound the whey, eat the meat, and focus on other sources of the essential amino […]
For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering some questions from the comment board of last week’s collagen post. You guys came up with some really interesting, useful ones that deserve closer examination. First, I explore whether—and how—increasing one’s collagen intake could conceivably worsen a person’s lipid profile. There’s actually a possibility, believe it or […]
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