Get Your Content on TV

How would you like your video content to be on TV?

At Purple Gator TV we are always looking for new content.  So, if you are a video maker who produces work that would fit with our feel good TV approach please contact us.

We would love to showcase your work and the same applies to musicians, comedians, script writers, chefs, health professionals; in fact anyone who wants to see their content reaching a wider mainstream TV audience.

We don’t mind a little self-promotion within reason though we will not accept content that is just a blatant advertisement.  The actual content must be entertaining or educational and add value to our viewers.

This is a great opportunity if you are struggling to get your video content seen on You Tube or your own blog.  Purple Gator TV is gaining new viewers every day and what we are ofering is essentially free advertising for you in exchange for providing us and our viewers with fresh and exciting content.

Contact us today.

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