Content Required Reminder

Just a quick reminder that we would love to feature your video content on Purple Gator TV.   It is a great way to get your video in front of over 12,000 people who have Purple Gator TV installed on their TV.  (that figure is the number of installations of this channel so we are probably talking of over 20,000 potential viewers.

Maybe you are struggling to get your content seen on your blog or YouTube channel?

The only rules are that the content must be in line with the general ethos of this channel and offer some good viewing.  We don’t mind some self-promotion but the content must be more than a blatant ad.

There is no fee for us to add the content.  You get exposure and free advertising in return for providing us with fresh, relevant content that our viewers will love.

It’s perfect for film makers, musicians, comedians, script writers, chefs, artists,  health professionals; in fact anyone who wants to see their content reaching a wider mainstream TV audience.

All we need is the video in an mp4 format and we will do the rest.  Contact us today and let’s do it.


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