About Us

Purple Gator Television is genuine feel good TV. We want our viewers to leave us happier, more relaxed and more entertained than when they began watching. Regular, updated content covers everything from human interest to music to comedy to animals to food to travel to self-help and pretty much anything in between. The common theme is everything here is feel good. There is so much bad news and sadness in the world so we wanted to create an escape. Purple Gator Television is a place where viewers can dip in for just a few minutes or stay all day and be entertained, safe in the knowledge that this is happy TV. Don’t be sad, don’t be crying, don’t let them grind you down. Just for a little while escape and join us at Purple Gator Television. We guarantee you will leave us happier and more positive than when you arrived.

Additionally, the gels for running are from the top professional and amateur runners around the world to help get them through the most grueling long-distance runs.

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