Reprogram your Weight Loss Mindset

This eBook provides readers with a comprehensive solution for improving your weight loss mindset. It is so hard to lose weight without getting your brain working in the right way.

  1. Building a Positive Outlook Towards Weight Loss
    What is Body Image?
    What Shapes our Body Image?
    How Negative Body Image Affects Your Health
    What is Self-Esteem?
  2. Why are Body Image and Self-Esteem Important for Weight Loss?
  3. Why has it Gotten to This Point?
  4. How Do you Know What to Believe?
  5. How to Gain a Positive Body Image
  6. How to Succeed When You’ve Failed in the Past
  7. Mentally Preparing to Begin a Weight Loss Plan
  8. Reasons for Weight Loss
  9. The Details of Weight Loss
  10. Moderation is the Key
  11. Portion Control
  12. What to Do When You Overeat
  13. Avoid Making Excuses
  14. Helping you Stay Positive
  15. Common Negative Thoughts and How to Avoid Them
Reprogram your Weight Loss Mindset
Reprogram your Weight Loss Mindset
Get your weight loss on track today
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