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You would think your kitchen sink is relatively clean, considering the number of times per day you use it. But simply letting water run down the drain throughout the day just won’t cut it with germs and bacteria — you need to sanitize!

From Apartment Therapy → How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink & Disposal

Airman Jake Day makes his way home without his mother finding out. While mom prepares to pick him up from the airport, Jake hides in his little brother’s bed and surprises the heck out of her!


While I’d love to cook with fresh herbs all the time, it’s not always feasible. Between the occasional lack of practicality, the lack of availability (hello, mid-January), or last minute cooking, sometimes dried herbs are a more convenient choice. And, when used correctly, dried herbs can be your secret weapon to making a seriously flavorful dish.

Another semester of my RD program starts today (well, technically tonight). For the most part, I’m excited for new courses and a busy schedule (I get the most done when I have the most to juggle). What I don’t welcome is having less time to cook: the nicest thing about this winter break has been little baking breaks, […]
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Canned tomatoes are good for a quick soup, marinara sauce, or blender salsa, but they’re also capable of a whole lot more. On their own, canned tomatoes are a simple and inexpensive ingredient, but when put to work, they can help you pull together some impressive and incredible dishes.

U.S. Marine First Lieutenant Flickinger returns from duty to his wife and daughter. After holding down the fort for months his two lovely ladies were glad to have him home.
Letting go of our dreams can be scary, but it can also be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter full of infinite possibilities.


When I decided to take the plunge into veganism, I anticipated some pitfalls. I thought I’d maybe lose my cool and dive headfirst into a pile of cheeseburgers, or maybe sneak some brie at a party. But the hardest part of going vegan hasn’t been cravings, which are surprisingly few and far between. For me, the social ramifications of going vegan were far more discouraging. As someone whose social life has more or less revolved around food for the past several years, the feeling of isolation that resulted from my dietary change hit me really hard.


We get excited about mixing colors just like the next person — but sometimes, the perfect thing for a particular room is just one single hue. All of these rooms are dominated by a single color, sometimes in varying shades, which results in a look that’s rich, textured, and even luxurious.

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